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Heidi Grix

President and CEO at Children's Leukemia Foundation of Michigan

June 7, 2018, Heidi was a client of William’s


Bill Lockwood is a top notch provider of solutions! If I have a problem and it involves my phone system, I call Bill. He provides quick response, well thought out options with multiple solutions from which to choose. He also helps me to understand the challenges of any issue that we have in language that is accessible to me. I don't know everything there is to know about my phone and data system, but I know that I can have confidence in my system if Bill is maintaining it! See less





Jason Schreiber

Chief Technology Officer at MetroNet Inc.

April 23, 2012, Jason managed William directly


Bill is a long time colleague, having worked with him for many years first as a customer and next as a vendor. I found both experiences rewarding to my business. Most recently I’ve had the pleasure of working with Bill as his employer. In all regards, I've found him to be a wealth of industry knowledge. Bill is an honest, thoughtful, hard working, creative and disciplined business person. I enjoy working with Bill. I would consider or recommend him for future endeavors. See less





Bryan Hudson

Computer/Network Instructor at Desoto County Schools

September 18, 2010, William worked with Bryan in the same group


Bill knows how to make customers happy





Perry Neilson

Corporate Real Estate Executive

March 18, 2008, Perry worked with William in different groups


Bill is a consummate professional and driven manager unique in his ability to motivate his team and keep them smiling. Bill has a natural sense of how to challenge and lead his TEAM to surpass goals. He is respected by his superiors and well liked by his associates and always gives 100% on every assignment.

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