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William R Lockwood

President / Executive Consultant

William Lockwood, President of Alpha Telsys Consulting, Ltd, has been working to provide aggressive, creative solutions to telecommunications, data, and Internet problems for more than two decades.  Starting in the early days of divestiture to help customer reduce the cost of long distance minutes (can you remember when it cost 54 cents a minute to call the west coast?), to today's solutions involving Metro Ethernet over coax, copper and  increasingly over fiber, the Telsys companies have been recognized as true solution providers.

Alpha Telsys Consulting, Ltd. specializes in working with the customer from beginning to satisfaction:


  • The first step is understanding the customer's unique set of needs

  • Then assessing the best suited technologies for those needs  

  • Current services and equipment are evaluated in terms of the customer's goals

  • And within the customer's budget  

  • A game plan and a timeline are developed

  • And the products are implemented

  • Followed by training and tweaking and sign off by the customer.

Alpha Telsys Consulting Ltd. is a team of leading specialists in IP based voice and Internet products.  These include Comcast Metro Ethernet over both fiber and coax as well as Ethernet services from multiple other providers.

But it isn't all work and no play.  As dynamic as the company logo, Bill's alter-ego is long time Michigan entertainer, Circles the Clown.

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